Unlike other FinTech startups, QEData’s goal is to help companies achieve digital transformation through collaborative solutions. Our products leverage predictive analytics and machine learning to uncover business opportunities within an organization’s data and work together to realize innovative solutions that create unique business models and achieve customer delight.

By practicing Agile methodologies, we guarantee a turnaround time of 8-10 weeks on new deliverables. Our iterative working style means that all our models have a minimum accuracy of 80% and are thus suitable to use in combination with your existing toolkit. Our modular product design and highly cross-functional teams working in close coordination with the client team ensure that the integration is quick, seamless and pain-free.


Our projects

vatic profitability predictive analytics


ora predictive analytics sentiment


Mirai cash flow predictions



Sibyl is a profitability model, which uses predictive analytics to assess and recommend the next best action for individual clients. Based on the current product mix used by the client, Vatic predicts incremental fees and volume of transactions. It does so by utilizing information from revenue, transactions and CRM data sets. Armed with rich visualization, the model identifies patterns for channels, products, and client segments that lead to profitable outcomes and display predicted and actual revenue trends.


Mirai is a visual cash flow prediction model. It analyzes transactional data such as payments, payroll, and accounts receivables to generate cash flow predictions that highlight significant financial events. With a few simple steps, clients can gain better insights into their financials through the rich visualization and receive personalized recommendations to invest surplus cash or cover shortfalls.


Ora is an intelligent sentiment analysis and topic modelling dashboard that provides real-time information on customer conversations. Currently designed for Twitter, it is capable of sourcing acumen from any text-based data store. Ora generates powerful, actionable insights that can drive a range of business functions including sales, marketing, and operations


Spartan is a comprehensive intelligent wealth management solution that derives acumen from valuable client history present within private wealth management databases. The system assesses risk tolerance models, client portfolios, and account holding roles to predict client profitability and provides insights on how to best distribute internal efforts.